Work with Me

Every client I work with is special. The process of working together – from creating a made to measure outfit or simply altering a much-loved garment – is often personal and intimate. It requires trust and patience on both sides.

Because when we work together , we create more than just a dress or a skirt… I transform the fabric and you…You will transform how you feel when you wear the final garment, made just for you.

My work is individual, because two clients or garments I work on are never the same. I create stylish, long lasting garments of exceptional quality, within an agreed budget.

Made To Measure

Wardrobe Detox


Perfect Fit Alternation

Why work with me?

If you are anything like me, you love and value fashionable clothes, that fit well and are of good quality. While this may sound like a simple request that should not be hard to find in the shops – the reality is somewhat different.

Most high street shop garments while affordable, are not of great quality and often do not fit well.

Designer garments – though sometimes pricey are at least of good quality. Except again – getting the right fit is easier said than done.

Most designers and creative teams create garments for a perfectly shaped model and then scale the fit up and down in size. But a real woman’s shape is different and ever changing.

If you are anything like many of my clients – you might be taller or shorter than a designer’s fit model. You most likely will have a fuller figure, longer legs or bigger bust…. Just because of your shape, you should not have to compromise on fit and comfort. The clothes you wear should enhance your body shape and amplify your best features – not the opposite.

This is why my clients come to me. While I create much loved clothes for them – my job is much more than that. The clothes I create, with much love and passion for my craft, it’s to create the WOW factor.

WOW because you will feel so good and feel great in them.

WOW because your mood will improve, and confidence will soar.

WOW because that is what those who see you will think.

WOW is what we create when we work together.

Ready to be WOWed?

Find below the best ways to work with me.

I absolutely adore the suit that Magda made for me. It is skilfully and beautifully made and fits me perfectly. I feel like she exactly translated my vision for it into material reality. It is wonderful to have a suit fit me so well, especially being short woman as this is impossible to achieve through buying clothes on the high street.

Katie Foxton

I have worked with Magda during several Fashion Week Shows and VIP garments. Her support and skills are immense, and her work is to an extremely high standard. I was so impressed with Magda understanding off complicated garment and how Magda can show and explain various options to achieve a high-quality show stopping garment.

Antony Antoniou

I absolutely love what you do, that you are an expert and that you want your clients look their best, even if it means expressing a different opinion to theirs. The clothes fit like a glove, I feel amazing wearing them and I have received so many compliments about the skirt (I expect the dress will be a compliment magnet too.) I am above average tall, so most high street skirt are not for me, and the ones that are long enough (e.g. Long Tall Sally) are not to my taste.

I was a bit unsure about having clothes made for me as I had never done that before. The process and result of making a dress for me was smooth and professional. Magda was always friendly and open to my comments and suggestion during fittings. She showed me all potential options so I had very clear idea of what the dress could be like. Received many compliments how perfectly fitted dress I wore. Highly recommended.


Love, love, love my red jumpsuit.