Don't change to fit the fashion
Change the fashion to fit you

What you wear speaks louder than words, because first impressions matter. The perfect fit should feel like a second skin. Looking great creates joy and confidence and it is a choice. A choice you make daily. Whether it is especially made for you or tweaked to make it fit better, new or old – looking your best is a way of Being, that can be easily made possible. Let me show you how…

My story

The first time I saw someone sew was when watching my neighbour. Crouched over the machine she took pieces of fabric and created magic. Ever since those early childhood days in Poland, I have always known that fashion, for me, was a passion and a calling. Making a difference in people’s lives by designing and creating clothes is how I express my creativity. In a word – fashion completes me.

Working with VIP clients and creating a bespoke garments for everyday and special occasions has been an integral part of my work that I truly adore. It is where my skills and experience with garment fit, fabric manipulation and expert sewing is unrivalled.

Every garment I create is carefully crafted, with high attention to detail and quality.

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My superpower is understanding my clients’ needs. Helping them look and feel great by identifying gaps in their wardrobe, advising them on the perfect garment fit and helping them find a dress style that suits their figure and lifestyle best. Delivering the highest quality of sewing, without compromise, on every project is what I take pride in. My diverse knowledge of the latest trends, classic styles and timeless techniques, learnt and perfected over the years, is of the highest value in my work with my clients.

"Woman for Woman
wear clothes that matters"

I developed my skills in design and sewing throughout the course of my fashion degree. For many years after, I worked in the fashion industry in London alongside high street creative teams and high end fashion designers – creating incredible garments that were shown at catwalk shows, featured in the press and coveted by top fashion industry buyers.